Welcome to UsTimeCapsule.com. We are a website dedicated to helpinging both current and future students prepare for and get the most out of their college experience. We want you to have a good understanding of the core principles that make up a successful college campaign.

Financial Aid

Having a plan for how you are going to pay for college is a huge step in making life easier for both yourself and your family. The key is to start planning early so all options can be explored. Having a good repayment guide is the key to success. Paying for college can be done in any number of ways such as student loans, scholarships or grants just to name a few. Gathering the most accurate information you need to know about what type of funding you should use and how much you should borrow based on your needs should be a priority. Are you going to need to get a student loan without a cosigner or do you have bad credit? Having great college resources is a great benefit for any future college student. It's best to make sure all options and scenarios are put on the table before making any decisions. There are also a large number of financial aid forms that you will need to fill out. Depending on what types of financing you will be using, filling out these forms can be a very big task. This is where we really want to help you and make this process as easy as possible.

Picking A College

Picking the right college can be a daunting task in its own right. First and foremost, you have to be able to afford the college you pick to go to. It also needs to meet your educational goals for the career path you plan to follow. Let's also not forget offering flexibility in case you change your career path.

Certifications and Degrees

Is it a degree or a certification that is your end goal? Certifications are often more specialized and can be attained in less time than a two or four year degree. Learning the requirements needed to attain your degree or certification is important and this is the type of information USTimeCapsule.com is going to provide.


Things are constantly changing in the college world. Whether it is adjustments to the Federal Loan programs, increases in college tuition or changes to curriculumns, we will help you stay informed of these happenings.

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